Photoreal Imaging

When looking to create an item that will be cherished by its owner, one must have a love and desire for perfection. There must be a level of caring unrivaled to create what can truly inspire us and also capture the feelings of what was truly intended. This is not a simple task nor one that should be taken lightly.


Here at Imagix Laser we have accepted that challenge. Using only the highest quality materials, newest machinery and unequaled software we have developed what can only be described as exceptional. We have perfected the process of laser engraved photo’s. This process can only be called Photoreal Imaging and must be seen to be believed.


Whatever you purchase you can rest-assured that once engraved, the photo will appear to have been laid into whatever material you have chosen. It will capture the feelings of the moment in which it was taken and allow it to be preserved and enjoyed by all who are able to see it.


We stand behind our Photoreal process and are confident enough in our abilities to share it with you as well. Photoreal is more than just world-class technology. After all, it isn’t always about the machinery or software that makes a company great or worth shopping at.


It’s the intangibles that make us who we are. The eye for detail, love for our work, and desire to excel. It’s the individuals who work there who put in the extra effort to ensure that you enjoy the experience.


Because our vision at Imagix is to make the memories eternal; and the mortal, immortal.


Photoreal Imaging is one way in which we are reaching that goal with our customers. So please allow us to show you what we can do. We could write a thousand words but what good would that do if your beautifully photo engraved is worth so much more.