About Us

We created Imagix for one mission. To engrave the lives of our customers onto keepsakes that will be cherished for generations. In each one of our lives we have moments that are worth capturing and preserving. Moments that deserve to be remembered and loved.


Each moment in our life builds upon the rest both creating and molding who we are. If forgotten it’s as if we have lost what has sculpted us. It’s as if Picasso lost his paintbrush or a note was forgotten in Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Each moment helps to create the whole picture.


Unfortunately, all moments in life are fleeting and come to an end. Our memories have the tendency to fade over time. What comes of the whole picture when this happens?

Our goal is to allow these moments to be remembered in as much clarity as when it happened. To create a link back to the past. Whether through a beautiful family photo taken when our Grandpa was still with us or through a quote that changed our life and inspired us to make a change.


We allow these moments to be enjoyed not just by the individuals in the event, but by anyone who can share in the moment as well. We are here to help share your moments. To complete the picture and make sure nothing is lost. To show others why you are who you are.


This mission is what drives us. We believe your life should be remembered by you and everyone who will benefit from you. Allow us to help keep your whole picture complete.